When will my car accident settlement be completed?

Each auto accident has a unique bargaining process. More instances than others resolve quickly. There is no way to predict how long it will take to reach a settlement or even if one is even conceivable in advance.

To prevent settlement delays, working with a competent auto accident attorney Fort Wayne is always a great choice.

There is an Argument over the Fault

Unless they are at least substantially to blame for an accident, a person is not legally compelled to compensate accident victims. This duty is referred to as “fault.”

The cause of many incidents is plain to see. For instance, someone could hit you head-on after running a red light. Both your dashcam and the security cameras in the area capture what happened. The driver’s insurance company should swiftly acknowledge fault in an incident like this.

But not all accidents have a clear cause:

  • Collisions in the back. It’s possible that the automobile in front was negligent or followed too closely. But if the driver suddenly applied the brakes, the leading vehicle might also be at fault.
  • Sideswipes. When a motorist tries to merge onto a freeway, for example, two automobiles could collide as they are travelling side by side. According to the conditions, either driver could be at fault.
  • Frontal crashes. There can be a disagreement regarding which vehicle crossed the centre line. Negotiations may bog down if both parties point fingers at one another.

Both sides dispute the severity of the injuries.

Each party in a negotiation must concur on the fault and the amount of damages for a person’s injuries. Some people already have injuries from an accident or employment mishap in the past. Insurance can argue that your suffering is really coming from this pre-existing injury. Thus they don’t have to pay you.

The Value of Pain and Suffering is in Question

Along with other losses like emotional distress, you should be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering. These are challenging to price accurately. You might believe that your hip’s ongoing discomfort, melancholy, and general sluggishness are worth at least $50,000. Only $5,000 may be provided by the lifestylefun insurance.

There may also be disagreement over whether you received needless medical attention. If insurers determine that massage, acupuncture, or a particular type of mental health counselling isn’t essential, they may decline to pay for the services.

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