DIY vs. hiring an estate planning lawyer: What’s better for you?

With AI running every aspect of our life or how we get work done, it is easy to imagine that you can rely on DIY estate planning tools and software to create the necessary documents. Unfortunately, that’s not always true for everyone. Learn more about why hiring an estate planning lawyer is still relevant and probably a better choice.

Your estate plan is more than just the “Will”

We often assume that having the “Last Will and Testament” is enough, which is a myth. While some people don’t need beyond the “Will”, it is always better to include all essential components and documents that will help plan for diverse contingencies. DIY websites may allow you to create the basic document but cannot address your individual concerns. Also, if you need a more comprehensive estate plan, you have to talk to an attorney who can provide appropriate legal advice.

Avoid the common mistakes

When you rely on DIY tools and sites, you don’t necessarily know whether you are doing everything right. The last thing you would want is a family feud after your death. Similarly, if there is a mistake in the documents, all your efforts will be in vain. An attorney ensures that your estate plan doesn’t have the common issues that can cause a rift or create room for complexities.

Get bespoke solutions

Should you have a trust? If yes, what kind of trust is best for you? Should you create advanced directories? What about powers of attorney? There are many aspects to an estate plan, and it is best to rely on an expert rather than an AI-powered robot for ideas. An estate planning attorney can give you the bespoke solutions you need for the current circumstances, and they can also advise you in situations where you want to make changes or modify the documents phpmotion my blogs create blog blog menu.

Avoid the false sense of security

The truth is that DIY estate planning will never give you the security you need for your family and loved ones. Lawyers are in sync with updates, understand the various aspects of compliance, and can ensure the validity of the documents. You can also take time to discuss each aspect of a document before you sign it. Attorneys are also capable of handling more complex situations. For instance, if you have a blended family, coming up with an estate plan could be harder.

Instead of trying to do everything independently, call an estate planning lawyer now!

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