What to Do If Your Employee Has Reported A Sexual Harassment Incident

Sexual harassment at the workplace can become a serious matter that can take away all your good names in the industry. Just one incident can ruin your business and finances to a great extent. That’s why, it is important to handle these cases in a better manner. Apart from this, hiring a sexual harassment attorney San Antonio can save you from a lot of stress and hassles, the case has come with. If your employee has suffered sexual harassment, you should take the below-mentioned steps:

Investigate the matter thoroughly 

It has been observed that the company’s officials tend to ignore the sexual harassment case so that their reputation does not get affected badly. However, if you do this, it will hurt your company’s name even more. That’s why, you should investigate the case instead of ignoring the victim and her suffering. You should get into the depth of the problem, look into the facts and evidence and speak to people involved in the incident.

Know what the employee wants

After investigating the matter, you should ask your employee what action she wants to take against the abuser. It is a good idea to ask open questions instead of beating around the bush. It will create more confusion, conflicts and fights amongst people. Moreover, the working environment will also get affected if you don’t listen to the victim. For instance, the victim may want to get shifted to a different department or location. You should address her issues and feelings. 

Don’t delay in taking actions

One of the reasons why the company faces more numbers of litigation is because the officials take several days to take appropriate actions. During this time, the victim has already lost all her hopes and also started to suffer from mental disorders such as anxiety, depression and lack of sleep. In such a scenario, she has no other option but to file a lawsuit against the abuser.

Don’t fire your employee

In many cases, the employer fires the employee so that he does not have to deal with the case altogether. In this case, an employee has the legal right to file a case against the employer and his behavior. The employer ends up paying more money to the victim if he fires her.

To protect the legal rights of the victim and the reputation of your company, you should contact a good and knowledgeable sexual harassment theviralnew lawyer.