Walk-in Double Shower Must-haves For Practicality And Aesthetic

A busy couple’s day starts with a rush to prep breakfast, shower, get ready, and hurry to reach the workplace on time. Things get delayed when your better half is still using the bathroom and you are getting late for an important meeting. Taking turns to take shower is annoying at times. A double shower is a solution to this issue.

You will need a bathroom with sufficient space to install a double shower head. You can check out the branded bath products on Declinko.com, an online store.

A double shower bathroom is more spacious than a single one and has two showers. The space is sufficient for two people to shower simultaneously. It even makes the bathroom look aesthetic.

His & her double shower bathroom

In the double shower concept, bathroom size is crucial. The features and design of his side can differ from her depending on style, size, and preference.

Choose a fixed shower head including a handheld spray with several spray options and height adjustments. To choose cold and hot options, you will need to consider the preference of who is going to use the space.

If you have sufficient space and budget consider a bathtub. Here are some double shower must-haves to consider for walk-in bathrooms

Glass shower doors

A full glass shower door equipped with polished nickel hardware and LED lights offers the walk-in shower an appealing feel and look.

Double shower heads

Double shower heads will offer more flexibility because you can choose which shower to use. For example, a hand-held is suitable to wash the body and avoid hair from getting wet. Couples with busy morning routines can find this a functional feature. A double shower is not just practical but creativity adds aesthetic value to your bathroom. It can be regarded as a luxury and you can enjoy the feel of the spa at home.

Add slap to shower walls

Massive marble slabs for shower walls mean a single solid surface. It means not just aesthetic but even practical. A solid-surface means you don’t need to spend time scrubbing the grout lines.

Thermostatic valve

Each partner has their own side. One prefers scalding hot showers, while the other adores lukewarm showers. Rather than changing the shower head temperature every time, each one can leave theirs at a preferred temperature and it stays.

Rain showerhead

With a double shower head, you can even pop in a rain shower head on the ceiling. The coverage and pressure you enjoy from the rain shower head are soothing.

Add a bench

If the walk-in bathroom has space, then add a massive bench. Nevertheless, if it doesn’t, then add a corner bench seat.


Small niches including shelves on each side under his and her double shower heads look fine. Adding shelves in the shower can make the space look more cluttered and ruin the appeal, so a small niche sectioned for tall and short things is great.

Even if you stay alone, you can add a little luxury by installing two shower heads in the bathroom!

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