The cost of hiring an accident lawyer in Rio Rancho

Car accidents and on-road crashes happen quite often in New Mexico. Although New Mexico is a fault state, not many victims get a fair settlement for their injuries. People often don’t understand the state laws or fail to act in time, which impacts their scope to get compensated. If you are looking for a car accident lawyer Rio Rancho and wondering whether you can afford to use their services, we have a few pointers below that can help you decide.

You don’t need to pay for the evaluation

Before anything else, you need to know whether you have a valid claim and if the case is worth pursuing. Only an experienced accident lawyer can tell you whether you should pursue the claim. This depends on many factors, including the nature and extent of your losses. If you have a share in the blame, things could be different, and at times, the weather and other aspects could be responsible to an extent. The good news is most law firms in Rio Rancho won’t charge a fee to evaluate your case, and the first meeting is usually free. The attorney will check the basic facts, answer your key questions, and decide whether they want to take your case.

There is no upfront fee either

People often avoid calling accident lawyers because they believe the fee would blow their accounts. This is a common myth that personal injury lawyers charge an hourly rate. Unlike family law attorneys and criminal lawyers, accident lawyers work on a contingency fee. In such an arrangement, the lawyer gets a share of the settlement. This is if and only when the client recovers money. If you don’t win, your lawyer will only ask for the associated costs, like court filing fees and the cost of investigating the accident.

How much do accident lawyers charge?

The answer depends on several things. The typical fee is 33% of the final settlement, but skilled and known car accident lawyers may charge a tad more. You can expect to get an overview of the expenses and the attorney’s fee in advance. The lawyer will also explain the other out-of-pocket costs likely for the case.

Hiring an accident lawyer doesn’t have to be expensive, mainly because most law firms intend to help clients. If your claim is strong, your lawyer will do what it takes to negotiate with the other side and the insurance company, and when necessary, they can file a lawsuit.