How to Make Your Resume Stand Out in 2020

When writing your resume, focus on key keywords and a brief snapshot of your core strengths. Include your hard skills, such as software expertise, if you’re applying for a tech-driven role. However, if you’re applying for c-suite work, focus on soft skills, such as your communication skills and interpersonal skills. Highlight your most recent examples of success to impress the hiring manager. The most impactful statistics will build on your skills section, pointing out your results and growth.

Employers can easily find relevant information in your resume with a search engine. Try using keyword-rich and traditional titles. Avoid overusing fonts and over-using them. Match the content of your resume to the job posting. This will ensure that you don’t miss keyword opportunities. A one-page resume is suitable for entry-level applicants. For more information, consider applying for a position in the company’s field.

Your resume needs to be written for three different audiences: an ATS (automated system) and the hiring manager. In order to make it stand out, you must find the balance between a great career story and the appropriate ATS-friendly keywords. Use a combination of these factors to ensure you get noticed by both groups. There are many tips that can help you create a resume that stands out and gets hired.

When writing a resume, consider the size and font. A one-page resume is a good choice for an entry-level applicant. A two-page resume is standard in 2020, and a one-page resume is ideal for more experienced candidates. Always make it clear that you’re the right candidate for the job posting, so they’ll be more likely to read your resume. Once they’ve found the right font, choose a color to enhance your overall appeal.

Your resume needs to tell a story about why you are the best candidate for the job. Start with a hook, then include your professional experience and qualifications. Lastly, include a key skills section, and focus on your key skills. These skills are what will get you hired. Your resume needs to tell the story of why you’re the right candidate for the job. A strong hook will help you make your resume stand out.

Ending Line

Your resume should be focused on the job posting. It should be tailored to that job. While there are a few rules to follow, the first rule of thumb is to tailor your resume to the position. If you’re applying for an entry-level position, a two-page resume is enough. A one-page resume is more than acceptable for entry-level jobs. Whether you’re looking to land your first or fifth-tier position, your resume should show your value in the role.

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