Five PDF Hacks You Must Know For Boosting Your Productivity In Work

Work becomes hectic when interrupted by technical glitches, such as the non-availability of specific document-supporting software. For example, Microsoft Word requires the core platform to open a Word file. To encounter this issue, Adobe conceptualized a portable document format, commonly known as PDF.

PDF is widely appreciated for its consistent format that transfers contents in its original format without altering its details such as writing format, font types, sizes, and image quality. Its small file size adds laurels to its versatility.

However, sometimes, one may need to split a pdf to jpg file or combine, remove some pages from it or convert it into another format. All thanks to the efforts of software experts who have built exceptional hacks to execute such actions. Read further to know more.

Convert PDF

With amazing tools like PDF Simpli, PDFs can now be converted to whatever format you say. You can convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint presentation, JPEG, and PNG format as well. The reverse is also possible via other similar tools.

By conversion into the above-listed formats, work is minimized as one doesn’t need to create the same document in various formats for understanding at variable levels. Some are compatible with calculations-related work on excel sheets, whereas other clients may demand a ppt for the same. Such advanced tools reduce the effort and leverage your productivity with digital aids.

Merge PDF

When multiple people work for the same goal in one team, multiple files are created for assigned work. But, at the end of the day, one has to compile all of them in one document to conclude the work.

With features like merge pdf, one can easily change PDF page numbers, combine numerous pdf files in one document and create a new document by arranging them as per choice.

Split PDF

Unlike merge PDF, split PDF allows the users to section out desired pages from a PDF and split it into as many parts as the user desires. This helps in reducing file sizes and segregating crucial information from the usual one.

It might be daunting to read documents with many pages; therefore, split PDF provides an opportunity to downsize a document from many to few.

Protect & Unlock PDF

Digital documents require protection from unknown access and digital hackers. PDF files with sensitive information can be protected with private keys, OTP, or passwords. Such encryption reduces the chances of authorized access and subsequent losses associated with the data leakage.

Unlocking a PDF means removing the security system and making it accessible to whosoever has the perspective PDF document on any platform. is one of the best website where you find out latest news also click here for more information. You can visit here to know more and if you want to get various types of news then check out this site

PDF Watermark

Watermarks are an integral part of documents associated with an institution or organization. They make the documents related to the company more powerful and diligent. PDF Watermarks can be added to the PDF as per the user’s choice of location, stamp size, and other associated things.


With tools that enable to edit PDF online, one gets the hands-on experience of dealing with one format document and its conversion to other standard formats.