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The meaning of a baby shower is often unclear, but it is an occasion when the future parents come together to celebrate the birth of their new baby. The gathering is traditionally held to celebrate the birth of the child’s first year, and the women who were present at the time advised the new mother on raising her child. Today, it is not uncommon for men to be invited to a baby shower, too. Whether or not the event is held before the new parents’ due date, the new parents want to show their appreciation for everyone’s love.

While a baby shower is generally centered around the mother’s first child, there are other types of celebrations centered around the second child. One type of sprinkle focuses on the second child, so it can be held virtually or in person. Food at a sprinkle is usually scaled back, with finger sandwiches, punch, cookies, and smaller gifts like a baby shower book. Alternatively, the mother-to-be may choose to invite a few close friends to celebrate her new arrival.

In ancient Greece, the practice of holding a baby shower was associated with fertility rituals. The purpose of such celebrations was to provide the new parents with gifts, which were often religious. These gifts were typically given by godparents. During the Renaissance, mothers were lavishly gifted with items for the upcoming baby. The modern baby shower began around the Victorian era, when it was more acceptable to talk about childbirth and pregnancy in public.