6 Ways to Reduce a Young Driver’s Car Insurance Premium

Young drivers under 25 years of age, especially males, are considered most “at-risk” by vehicle insurers of getting embroiled in car accidents. So, the insurers are most likely to offer them policies at higher premiums compared to the prices at which the policies are provided to middle-aged or senior drivers.

If you are a young driver anxious about purchasing a policy, there is little to fear as Australia has abundant insurance providers offering various vehicle cover at competitive prices. All it takes is to search online for the best car insurance that suits your vehicle and your personal circumstances. With plenty of choices around, you can avail of quality coverage even with cheap car insurance.

As a young driver, you can minimize your vehicle insurance premiums by being prudent and making wise choices. Here we share some tips to help you potentially save hundreds of dollars every year just with your premiums alone.

Maintain a clean driving record

A good driving record requires you to be disciplined and follow the road/traffic/driving rules. Adopting such an attitude helps you with personal safety, road safety, and a good track record in your insurer’s books. Plenty of insurers provide claims-free discounts on premiums if you haven’t made any claims in the previous years and will look positively on drivers who don’t have any demerit points. Inquire to know if an insurer has it on the offer. tinyzonetv

Compare quotes online

It would be best if you requested quotes from at least three to four insurers so you can make an informed decision. Also, certain insurers have great offerings specifically for young drivers. Be sure to thoroughly read through the exclusions in the policies as well as the inclusions.

Purchase a safe car

If you haven’t bought a car already, make it a point to purchase an economical one with a strong safety rating. It would help if you remembered that your future vehicle insurance premiums depend on your car type as a key deciding factor. The higher the vehicle’s value and the lower its safety rating, the higher the insurance premiums will be. Plus, you can get some safety features added to your car like theft alarms, immobilizers, etc. A secure vehicle may attract lower premiums from some insurance providers, so that you may qualify for some discounts too.

Avoid complex modifications

Before implementing any modifications on your vehicle, it is best to consult your insurer to understand what modifications are covered in your policy and what are not. Seeking advice and reporting the changes made is necessary.

Park vehicles in safe areas

Parking your vehicle in the garage sounds safer than letting your ride rest in the driveway or a street. It is – it is much less likely to be stolen or to suffer damage from a weather event. An insurer could very well rate you as lower risk due to this lifestyle factor, which will help keep your premium down. Also, if you are relocating to a different zone or state, you will need to intimate your insurer about the change in location so your premiums will be revised if needed. anonig

Read the terms and conditions

You need to know clearly what conditions your chosen policy covers. So often, people miss out on reading the fine print and create difficult circumstances for themselves at the time of claims. So, spend some time on the policy disclosure statements to understand the real deal.

Remember, you can bring down your premiums if you make judicious decisions when purchasing a car; drive safely, and show to the insurer through your driving record how responsible you are on the road with your vehicle.

Also, you do not necessarily need to stick to the same insurer every other year. You can request quotes from new car insurance providers who have emerged in the market. You can always swap if you find a cheap car insurance policy providing broader coverage and better service. By the end of the day, the best car insurance for your individual requirements is what you will need.