Finding the Best Guest Post Sites

If you love to play poker, writing about it can make a great side income. There are thousands of guest post sites available, but the problem is finding the right ones. These sites have specific guidelines for submission, and there are some things you should look for when choosing a site. The following article will explain some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a site for your guest post. Read on to learn more about poker guest post sites.

Blogs about online poker

Poker bloggers have to be knowledgeable about the industry to become a success. The best way to get noticed is to engage with other blogs and interact with readers. Creating original content that is related to poker and the industry is crucial. Engaging readers will help you gain more knowledge and improve your content. Also, you can get exposure by joining affiliate programs. There are many ways to build a successful poker blog. Here are some tips. Publish engaging content on your blog vodkatoto.

Poker training sites

If you’d like to be a guest post writer for a well-known poker website, the first step is to find a list of reputable poker guest post sites. Many sites offer a “CORE” course that allows you to test their course material. This course contains 100 lessons that cover basic poker strategy and advanced concepts. You can watch video lessons, complete exercises, and take quizzes to measure your progress. If you decide to use the CORE course, you can expect to spend 75 hours studying livinggossip.

Poker code has an extremely tight poker community. It’s so tight that it has a dedicated Slack group with over a thousand members. The poker community also sponsors live events such as the prestigious Poker code Festival. Members of Poker code can meet and compete in high-quality live tournaments, and the festival includes social activities and a poker community. Allen and Steve Bley founded Advanced Poker Training, a well-established poker training site, in 2007. The site offers a unique experience for poker players.

Poker dictionary

A poker dictionary explains terms such as “playing out of position” and “jacks-up”. Playing out of position refers to players who act before all of their opponents, usually those in early positions. Likewise, “winning cards” refer to pocket cards that lead to a winning hand. Other terms include “over card to the board,” which refers to a pocket card pair that is higher than the highest community card. Another term used in poker is “re-raise,” which refers to betting over another player’s bet pstviewer.


Some terms in the poker dictionary may be unfamiliar. In the first place, there’s advertise, which means to show cards and encourage opponents to misread your play. You might also hear “Klan Rally” or “Kotch,” which refer to three sixes. Other terms include “late position” – the last third of players to act and “King 3,” which means the final two players to act. Finally, “leak,” which means to constantly use the wrong strategy, is a term that you should know.

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