What is ULTHERA?

Ultera face and neck lifting tools that can effectively fix skin problems as they age, such as sagging facial skin Helps the skin to be lifted and tightened. Adjust the face frame to be more slender. In addition, it can also help restore facial skin, reduce wrinkles, help the facial skin to come back smooth, firm, so that the face can look younger again, or what anyone calls a facelift without surgery.

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With all these features, it’s no surprise that ULTHERA has become a very popular tool for solving facial skin problems. And it’s not just popular in Thailand only. But this tool is popular all over the world. It can be said that almost all Hollywood stars must have done ULTHERA. For anyone interested in doing ULTHERA. Today, we have gathered some questions about ULTHERA that many people don’t know yet. Let’s get to know this technology more in this article.

ULTHERA is an innovation that can help solve the problem of sagging facial skin to be lifted up again. through a specific ultrasound instrument (Focused Ultrasound) with high-frequency energy That can shoot energy into the skin as deep as SMAS or the same layer as facelift surgery. This makes the results obtained from ULTHERA surgery similar to that of facelift surgery. But you don’t have to have surgery to hurt yourself. Therefore, it can be called a very safe method of face lifting. and more natural

– How does Ultera help tighten the skin?

As said, the ULTHERA can deliver energy into the skin deep into the SMAS layer through Focused Ultrasound with high frequency energy. When the doctor shoots this energy into the skin. Can be converted to heat energy in many small points to stimulate the muscle cells at the SMAS level, causing contraction. As a result, the face is lifted up. And in addition, when the muscles contract, it also stimulates the original collagen and elastin under the skin layer to work better. and help create more new collagen and elastin As a result, the facial skin is restored. Wrinkles on the face are reduced. smooth skin flexible firm up naturally

– What problems does Altera solve?

With age, the structure of the skin begins to deteriorate. Whether the bone collapses fat cells atrophy as well as the process of creating collagen and less elastin causing the skin to lack strength and lack of flexibility As a result, there are many skin problems that follow. ULTHERA can help solve facial skin problems as follows:

  1. Sagging facial skin: hanging cheeks, eyebrows, eye tails, drooping corners of the mouth, helping to lift the skin to be firm. more firm The facial skin can return to look younger like a child’s skin again.
  2. Wrinkle problems: help reduce wrinkles, small wrinkles on the face and neck. make the skin smoother
  3. Skin condition is not bright : shabby skin, lack of elasticity Altera helps rejuvenate the skin. stimulate the activity of collagen smooth skin Stronger, look more healthy
  4. Face frame problem: whether the front frame is not clear Both faces are not the same. Ultera surgery will help adjust the face shape to look more slender and beautiful with dimensions.

– Results of doing ULTHERA

The results of the ULTHERA treatment can be seen immediately after the procedure. The facial skin will be lifted by 10-15% after the procedure and the results will be more and more noticeable because collagen and elastin are stimulated to be produced all the time. The most effective results can be seen in 2-3 months after the procedure, which will continue for more than 1-2 years, but it may depend on each person’s skin condition, age and care. myself after doing Altera

– Advantages of doing Altera

  1. No surgery needed for face lift : ULTHERA is a technology that can deliver energy to the SMAS layer (same layer as facelift surgery), so ULTHERA can help to see results. It is close to face lifting surgery. But you don’t have to do surgery to hurt your body. And also do not need to recuperate to waste time as well. Because the energy that shoots into the skin will not cause swelling, bruising or scarring like surgery.
  2. Provides accurate results : Due to the ULTHERA There is a display screen of the surface layer during the procedure. This will be a helper that can allow the doctor to see all the patient’s skin problems. and can design a treatment for the patient individually Because each person’s skin problems are not the same. So the energy shot is different. in order to get the problem solved more precisely This is the latest technique like ULTHERA SPT. It consists of 3 treatment steps that help to get the most effective results as follows:

S = SEE Real time display allows the doctor to see the skin layer. and skin problems of patients during treatment

P = PLAN, a specialist doctor who plans and designs treatments for each patient’s facial skin problems. Because each patient has different skin problems. Therefore, not all of the same treatment plans can be used.

T = TREAT with display screen and planning makes treatment accurate. right at the point of the patient’s problem So the results are effective. Be safe while doing it. definitely meet the needs of the patients

– Taking care of yourself after doing Ulthera

It is very important to take care of yourself after Ulthera. You should act according to the advice of your doctor. Because otherwise it may cause side effects. In addition, taking care of yourself as recommended by your doctor can also help your results to be effective and last longer, for example:

– In the first period, about 3-5 days after the procedure, avoid heat and sunlight. Such as treatments or lasers, because it may cause the face to accumulate too much heat. until the skin burns Because the Ulthera treatment uses heat energy to stimulate the activity of the layers beneath the skin. Therefore, if you want to do more procedures, you should leave the interval for a while.

– If dry skin Can be nourished with moisturizer as usual. But should avoid using creams in the whitening group. or exfoliate skin for about 1 week

– If there is swelling and redness after the procedure You can use a cold compress to help reduce swelling. These symptoms can go away on their own within 2-3 days.

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