What is the Price of Generic Lumigan Drops?

This isn’t a question with a clear and simple answer, unfortunately. With people trying to save as much money as they can, we are cutting corners anywhere we can in the wake of this pandemic and the ongoing financial uncertainty that we will likely contend with for the rest of this decade unless we are particularly lucky as a society.

The problem is, we can’t really cut too many corners when it comes to medication, even if it isn’t life-saving medication. We can only be at our best and live our best when we care about our quality of life and our health, but unfortunately, medication is extremely expensive in the United States.

Look, I’m not about to get political here, and I don’t really have to make the statement that the healthcare system in the United States is extremely broken, draconian and outdated. Honestly, all of the diametrically-opposed political parties in this country, with a few small outlier exceptions, would agree that the healthcare system here is completely screwed up. They all agree that something needs to change, but the problem isn’t that people don’t agree on this, it’s the fact that implementing a better healthcare system in this country is a bigger challenge than most people honestly realize. While just about every country out there is diverse in some way or another, the United States is probably one of the most diverse countries in the world due to its history. This brings so many different cultural outlooks and philosophies that creating a proper healthcare system that agrees with everyone is a logistical and sociological nightmare. It is a nightmare that we will overcome, but we have to be patient.

When it comes to looking for the price of something like generic Lumigan drops, you do save a lot of money by being thrifty with generic brands. Shopping online, in and of itself, also has quite a few merits, given the absence of things like brick-and-mortar overhead and the like. There’s also the safety and convenience, especially right now with things the way they are. However, you can actually escape that money pit brought on by the American healthcare system by shopping online with the Canadian pharmacy. In Canada, medication isn’t actually free, it is subsidized by the tax system, and since you don’t live in Canada, you don’t have to pay those taxes.

Given that you can still shop in Canada, though, you can get those artificially low shelf prices for things like generic Lumigan drops with the only increase in price being the import fees, shipping fees and customs taxes that may be present in some circumstances. Of course, online pharmacies like this are able to employ some competitive strategies that brick-and-mortar can afford to, eating things like shipping fees and import taxes, many of times rather than not.

You can’t afford to cut corners on your health, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to make your medication as cheap as possible and simply tell these pharmaceutical companies that you refuse to pay their extortion very prices any longer!