Top Methods For Maintaining Dental Implants

After losing a tooth, dental implants let you get your smile back and your mouth back to normal. Dental implants, however, require regular maintenance. It is crucial to learn how to properly care for your implants in order to maintain their longevity and aesthetic appeal.

Several problems might arise if your dental implants are not maintained. Neglecting your oral hygiene can have various impacts, like peri-implantitis, bone loss, inflammation, discomfort, and pain. You must contact Thornton dental implant services for any help that you might need.

How to avoid peri-implantitis?

Once you receive dental implants, you should follow a strict oral hygiene routine to keep them clean. You risk getting peri-implantitis if you do not.

Fortunately, adhering to this essential advice for dental implant care can avoid peri-implantitis.

  • Use a toothbrush with gentle bristles.

Always avoid using toothbrushes with hard bristles. They can harm your teeth’s enamel and are especially harmful to dental implants.

  • Avoid using toothpaste with abrasives.

Any kind of abrasion could damage your implants. Choose a specialty low-abrasive toothpaste as a result.

  • Floss each day

Plaque and food fragments that collect between teeth and are not eliminated by brushing alone must be removed with the help of floss. Flossing is crucial when you have implants now more than ever.

  • Maintaining proper oral hygiene.

After obtaining dental implants, you should keep brushing twice a day. To keep your implants in good condition for so many years to come, only use non-abrasive materials.

  • Avoid foods that are hot, sticky, or firm.

Avoid eating hard foods because they can break or damage your implants. Similar to how sticky foods can stick to your implants and encourage plaque development.

  • Limit your alcohol intake

The sugar content in alcohol is high, which encourages tooth deterioration in healthy teeth. Alcohol, however, also poses a risk to dental implants. Additionally, it hastens the buildup of plaque.

  • Stop smoking

Smoking has a terrible impact on your oral health. If you decide to smoke, you risk your health by acquiring several conditions, from cancer to dental rot.

  • Go to the dentist frequently.

To keep the condition of your mouth, you must visit the dentist frequently. Going to the dentist at least two times a year can prevent plaque and tartar accumulation and identify emerging problems early.

  • If you grind your teeth, get a mouthguard.

Both your natural teeth and your implants may suffer irreversible harm from bruxism.

If your dentist determines that you clench or grind your teeth, you should choose a bespoke mouth guard to safeguard your teeth hertube .

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