The ultimate App Logo Design Guide

Apps make our lives simpler in all ways. By pressing an app’s icon we can make calls to family members, place an order for food or remind ourselves to water plants. However, the world of apps is competitive, so being able to stand out with a great branding and logo is crucial to the success of your app.

The logo of your app is your logo it communicates your app’s mission and can even increase downloads and clicks. All in a tiny square!

We’ll discuss every aspect of logo design, helping you establish your brand and connect with your target audience. We’ll also provide you with a wealth of ideas for logos for apps to help you get started!

Let’s get started!

Size and format of the App logo

Your logo will appear on the app store and on mobile phones. Therefore, you’ve only small space to create an impact. Make these dimensions in mind while getting going with your design

  • App Store: 1024×1024 pt
  • Android: 96×96 pt
  • Formats: PNG with no transparency

App logo design tips

These are some of the design ideas to help you find inspiration and make your logo.

1. Use a unique symbol

Your logo is the primary focus of your app’s logo. Make sure it’s distinctive and represents your brand and the purpose of your app. It might seem like a big task for an image, but make sure you take your time selecting the right components!

Utilize the monogram-style logo when you have an company name which can be transformed into an acronym or you wish to break down barriers to language and access the global market. It can also make it easier for users to remember your app’s name!

Tips: Avoid using long words in the logo of your app. The logo won’t appear on the app store, and will discourage people from clicking your application.

Source: Alexander Shatov on Dribbble

2. Choose unique colors

Color plays a big role in app logo design. By using color it is possible to communicate your branding identity as well as the business that you’re in. Be mindful of your color but be careful!

Colors affect emotion So, select the color that is a clear representation of the function of your app and the emotions you would like to connect the brand. Utilize your branding character along with your brand’s values and personality to steer you to the correct direction!


Blurs and gradients are the latest trends in graphic design this year. They’re also great ways to make your mark in a contemporary stylish, contemporary way. Below, Instagram or Messenger both employ gradients to make their apps draw attention and create an edgier look. It also adds a striking “clickable” element to your icon on your application.

Color combinations

App logos usually have made up of two colors and one being white. This is a brief overview in colors and their associated emotional states:

  • Blue Honest, reliable and confident
  • Green: Optimism, growth, sustainability
  • Yellow Enjoy, happiness and caution
  • Red: Excitement, passion, love
  • Orange Fun, friendly active

Below TikTok along with Airtable make use of three colors to create a strong impression. If they are used in a minimal manner or in conjunction with the logo, they come to be a stylish and lively.

It is also possible to use mixtures of various colors such as the blue-ish purple blend extremely-peri color of the season. There are endless options to choose from in mixing colors to create shades that are your own.

Tip: Blue is the color of the day. Most frequently used apps logo color across all platforms You might be better off avoiding this or opt for an ombre or gradient to make your design stand out.

3. Simplicity is the key

It’s been said before so we’ll keep it short. Do not sacrifice simplicity just to stand out! The simplicity of your logo conveys professionalism, trust and also the fact that you’re a top-quality app and a small business.

If you’re concerned that your app’s icon and color combination aren’t working well, you can adjust the colors as well as symbols and layout until it’s perfect. The solution is to reduce, not more!

4. Compare your app logo

Gather your competitors’ app logos, by looking up your specific category and taking notes about:

  • Top logo of the app colors employed
  • What is the most striking thing about it?
  • What isn’t clear?
  • Which apps do you stick with?

Put your logo on your competitors to see how you stack up. Does it stand out enough? Do you think it stands out among the rest? Conduct some tests when your app is up and running to find out what colors or variations of the app logo is most popular and has the highest number of downloads and clicks.

App logo design inspiration

Let’s dive into some popular app logo design inspiration!

Blue app logos

Blue might be the most commonly used app logo color however, it’s possible to use a variety of shades to achieve the desired effect. Baby blue on Twitter is playful and innocent and blue of Linkedin is serious and professional. Linkedin dark blue appears professional and serious.

Blue is a great choice in any industry, but we’ve noticed it most commonly in the communication, professional tools as well as social media and professional tools. It has a contemporary and reliable vibe.

Pink app logos

While pink is often associated with warm and feminine characteristics It’s also a good choice for positive or bubbly brand names that are centered on self-care and fun.

Apps such as Airbnb as well as Darkroom Photo Editor stand out within their respective niches with their bright pink background. This also highlights their lively and warm personality!

Flo and IAm employ pink to attract their female self-care fans and make use of delicate symbols to explain the app’s functions. The painted circle and feather are distinctive enough to mark their unique presence on your smartphone’s screen.

Dating app logo

Dating apps were once dominating by colors of love such as orange, red and pink – as well as hearts and kisses. Today dating apps have an informal approach to their designs.

The Hinge logo is contemporary, stylish and has a straightforward appeal. You wouldn’t even know it’s an app for dating! Plenty of Fish is, however makes use of branding and symbolism to distinguish itself from the other new wave of dating apps.

Snack employs a pretzel image to make a statement, with pastel shades that resemble cartoons for a fun and playful look. The use of gradients and distinctive abstract symbols can also be a good way to create a sense of fascination.

Social media app logos

The social media market is competitive and crowded. There are no guidelines to adhere to other than the general personality of the brand you’d like to display. From giants such as Facebook as well as Instagram and even TikTok and Reddit and more, each one has an individual product, with distinctive looks to match.

Being noticed is crucial and you must use color and symbols and layout to help your social media apps stand out.

Logos of the app in green

Green is frequently associated with sustainability, nature and health. If you’re developing an application in this area, selecting the green logo for your app is the most effective method to go. It could be as subtle or high-pitched as you believe is needed!

The majority of apps that have green app logos focus on navigating the environment, health, and also being eco-friendly. However, it’s not a simple and quick rule! Applications like Fiverr and Duolingo make use of green as a relaxing factor in a very crowded category page.