Perfect holiday basket: Tips to get it right

When holiday approaches, headaches arrive for many employers, who still doubt what gift they can give their workers as holiday gifts for companies. Also to those people who decide to give a detail to their closest friends. Holiday baskets are usually a great option, but knowing what to choose and how to make it is something more complicated. Don’t worry, because if you have thought of a holiday batch to give away this year, we will give you some tips to choose the perfect holiday basket and get it right.

Tips for choosing the perfect holiday basket

What if with ham, without it, what if a basket, what if a trunk… The options are quite extensive, so to avoid spending hours and hours choosing a batch, write down these tips to find the best holiday hampers.

Think about the recipient of the holiday basket

It will not be the same to give a gift to a person intolerant to gluten than to someone who does not have that characteristic. In the same way, if someone doesn’t drink alcohol, it would also be great if they chose a holiday package without bottles of alcoholic beverages. Before selecting and buying, stop for a second to think about the other person. For companies with 400 workers, it is difficult to know the tastes and preferences of each employee, but this is not the case for small and medium-sized companies, where you can stop to meet each one of them and adapt your gift.

You can choose gluten-free holiday baskets, or alcohol-free holiday baskets. You can also think of a specific holiday basket for women or vegan baskets without animal products inside.

Include typical holiday products

What would holiday be without nougat or marzipan and shortbread? These are some of the foods and products that make holiday such a special date and remembered by everyone. If you have stopped to think for a moment, we only eat nougat at holiday and not at any other time of the year, so there is no doubt that you have to include a tablet inside this year’s holiday baskets.

In the same way, there are things that cannot be missing from your list if you are thinking about what goes in a holiday basket. We solve it quickly. Do not forget to include a bottle of cava or champagne, different bottles of wines and spirits and even chocolates or the already characteristic neutral ones.

With or without ham?

Ham boxes are one of the star products of holiday as business gifts or between acquaintances. The question is whether or not to give ham. If it is because of the price, you should not worry, since there are batches with ham at a very good price and great quality, so the decision should be based on another base. For example, the first of them can be to choose between ham or shoulder, since you can decide between both pieces and choose the one that suits you best.

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