How to Find the Most Profitable Amazon Products?

Starting an Amazon FBA business in some specific product category with established brands and excellent ratings can be challenging.You would not want your first product to compete with well-known brands or other well-known and established products if you decide to sell items on Amazon. If you discover that the majority of the items in a category have over 50 customer reviews and do well on the BSR, it suggests that the category was probably already very competitive. You can attempt to enter it only after you have made progress elsewhere.

Finding the Most Profitable Products on Amazon

There are ways to help you find the most profitable Amazon products. Knowing the terms customers use, while searching for products, gives accurate information about the most popular products. Due to a lack of information and tools in the past, it was challenging for sellers earlier to locate successful prospects. But it is easy now to browse through a vast database of Amazon products and look through historical data on the products’ earlier track record, thanks to the many product research tools available from Amazon as well as other websites.

These techniques and tools can be used to choose profitable items with appropriate levels of competition, using an appropriate data-driven strategy.

Requirements for Amazon Product Research Checklist

Here is a quick list of what is needed to get the ideal and most profitable Amazon products. Your task becomes simpler if you use these. Look for:

  • Products with at least 10 daily sales
  • Comparable goods with a primary category best seller rank of 5,000 at least
  • Over 50,000 searches each month are made for the top 3 relevant keywords on Amazon.
  • $10 to $50 price range for goods and services
  • Compact and light items (less than 2 – 3 pounds)
  • No seasonal items. 1-2 products with fewer than 50 reviews on the first page can be offered all year round.
  • Goods with no brand name or trademarks connected.
  • Products that can be set up for 25% less than the selling price or even less
  • Connected products, which have the capacity to grow your brand.
  • Products with ample room for improving current listings and optimizing, with numerous options for putting in product-related keywords
  • Product that is superior to others on the market.
  • Items that promote repeat buying.
  • No delicate item.
  • Items without the risk of any legal problem bitsandboxes.

Talk to Your Supplier

One of the simplest and most affordable product research strategies is to just speak with your supplier to get the inside scoop on their best-selling products and hottest product trends if you already sell an item on Amazon and have a rapport with a supplier.

Your supplier is likely to be able to give you insider info. Additionally, the more the number of goods that you can get from a single supplier, the less will be the cost of each individual item will be per unit. Speaking with your supplier might help you receive significant discounts as well as new product suggestions lifeline hospital.