How to choose flooring materials to suit a resort style house

Resort style house There is a distinctive feature that the exterior and interior design of the house has a natural atmosphere. The selection of decoration materials and furniture has greatly contributed to the harmony of a resort-style home. And the flooring material is another important part that helps the overall picture of the house look closer to nature, more comfortable on the eyes, fresher. Because the area of ​​the folk accounted for the largest proportion in the house. Which will choose which material suits each other well, there are ways to choose and ideas for nature lovers to leave each other.

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type of flooring material

1. Wood

It is a material of natural origin. It gives a feeling that goes very well with a resort-style house. The wood that is commonly used for flooring such as Makha wood, Red wood, Padauk wood, Teak wood.

  • The advantages are natural beauty, looks expensive, and has a good texture.
  • The disadvantage is that if choosing a wood material Homeowners must pay more attention to maintenance than other materials. Because wood is the favorite food of insects and termites. There is also the matter of stretching and shrinking depending on the weather conditions bintangplus4d.

2. Laminated wood

is a synthetic material Made from crushed wood powder mixed with synthetic substances. and then coated off the surface in various patterns can choose natural wood grain without much maintenance Because termites and insects do not like to eat laminated wood.

  • Advantages are easy to install, light weight, can choose a variety of colors and patterns, and a cheap price.
  • The disadvantage is that there is a stretch and shrinkage. May bulge when exposed to moisture short service life and if installed on a non-planar floor When stepped on, it is easy to collapse and make noise.

3. Tile

There are many types of flooring materials. But the most widely used is tile because it has a natural texture. It’s cool on your feet, and it’s available in a variety of styles to suit your needs and budget. Whether it is a clay tile ceramic tile porcelain tile or granite tiles There are also a variety of patterns to choose from. Both stone and wood grain The selection principles are as follows:

  • type of tile The important thing in choosing a tile is that you should choose the type of tile that is suitable for the room to be laid. For example, clay tile is a tile that absorbs water well. May not be suitable for external floors Should choose ceramic or granite tiles. Or the bathroom tile should choose a tile with the appropriate anti-slip value. Help prevent accidents in the bathroom
  • Tile color Color is a part of the room’s tone. and the atmosphere as if in the midst of nature Therefore, tiles should be selected with tones close to nature. focus on simplicity Not too flashy, such as beige, brown or light brown similar to wood floors. and gray or light gray gives the impression of a solid stone floor. easy care
  • Pattern, natural patterned tiles murah4d. Will be compatible with a resort-style house, for example, if choosing wood-patterned tiles will make the overall room look comfortable and cozy If you choose a stone pattern, it will give you a more luxurious atmosphere. The stone pattern will give you a strong and attractive feeling.

Choosing flooring materials to suit different rooms in a resort style house

1. bedroom floor

The bedroom is a space to relax. There should be an atmosphere that feels relaxed and pleasant to sleep in. It must also be easy to clean in order to be dust-free, germ-free.

Floor coverings should be chosen in natural tones. Natural patterns such as wood grains, which will give a warm feeling. Add atmosphere to make the room more pleasant to sleep. For the flooring material, if it is inconvenient to be real wood, it can be laminated. Which is a flooring material that has a beautiful pattern like real wood. It is also durable and easy to clean.

2. Living room floor

The living room is a common area where family members often come to relax. do activities together or if there are guests to visit The living room will be the room used to entertain guests. Plus, this room has many pieces of furniture on display. The flooring material used should therefore be strong and durable. not easy to scratch like ceramic tiles Because this type of tile has a cool surface. When your feet hit the ground, they feel cold. Easy to care for There are also a variety of colors and patterns to choose from.

3. kitchen floor

for kitchen Floor coverings must be easy to clean. This is an area that is exposed to oil, sticky stains and odors. From cooking inevitably Where will there be moisture from washing dishes, bowls, vegetables, fruit or meat? You also have to take into account the scratches that will occur. Therefore, the material that will come to the kitchen floor is recommended as tiles. It could be a rubber tile. Because this material is easy to clean. There is a viscous force that causes good adhesion. It also helps reduce accidents in the kitchen slipping.

4. Bathroom floor

Bathroom flooring materials must be resistant to moisture well. Because this room is always damp, there is soap, shampoo, or chemical stains as well. Tiles must be a material that is easy to dry. The floor should have a roughness or anti-slip R value greater than 10 to reduce or prevent slipping. It will be used as granite, marble, granite or limestone tiles.

The flooring material that is suitable for a resort-style house is materials with natural colors and patterns, such as wood and stone, which will enhance the home’s naturalness. Get a relaxing, warm atmosphere, which is the heart of a resort-style house that will give you a feeling of relaxation close to nature. For a beautiful resort-style house Can ask to see it from a home builder company. Or if you still don’t like it, there are home design services to suit the lifestyle and needs of the family as well.

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