7 Tips For Students To Learn Better In Online Classes

Do you sit and log in to your online education app, with the full determination to complete at least one unit of the course but couldn’t even do one chapter? Are you constantly switching between the online classes and social media apps in the background? If yes then this article is for you. Many students face the problem of lack of concentration and determination themselves while learning online, they get distracted by various elements. This leads to the loss of valuable time which could be utilised to learn new skills and knowledge.

Online education is the best and most flexible way to learn and grow, and utilising its benefits is what students need to do. And they can only do this when they practice a set schedule without any distractions.

In this article we are going to enlist some of the tips, using which students can make the best use of their online classes and online education in general. So, keep reading.

Learn Like In Real Classroom: The biggest advantage of online classes is that it provides the flexibility to learn from anywhere. However, students usually forget that the change has happened only in the mode of education, everything else is the same, the course content, teachers, activities etc. So, don’t take online classes lightly and study as you study in the physical classroom. 

Uninstall Social Media: If you are jumping back and forth between your online classes and social media while studying, then just stop right there, it’s not doing you any good. And to do so uninstall those social media apps from your device. If you want to concentrate and be productive in your studies then stop checking your social media and put all the other notifications on silent too.

Stick To The Schedule: You are making a timetable but struggling to follow it, which leads to irregularity in learning. This also affects your retention ability too, and if you want to remember what you learned, then stick to your schedule. It’s scientifically proven that once the brain recognizes a pattern it starts functioning according to that, even subconsciously too. So give your brain a good pattern to follow, stick to your studying timetable and you will start noticing your academics levelled up.

Make Notes: If you are just watching the online videos and listening to the teachers while taking online classes, you are doing it wrong. Just watching videos and listening to lectures isn’t going to do any good to you till you capture all the important points and concepts of the lecture. Although watching videos make the concepts clear in our minds, our minds can’t remember every detail, that’s why students need to write and make notes. Pause the video, or utilise that short break during the online class to write down everything you watched and understand. It will help you, revise, as well as find any learning gap or query that you missed while watching the video.

Participate In The Class Discussions: Another mistake that students make is, not communicating and connecting in the online class. It’s important to put your views and let your voice heard in the class. Not just to present your opinions but also to learn, as when you put your knowledge in front of others you get to help others and others will also help you when you misunderstand or make any mistake.

Do The Self-Study: You are watching videos and making notes but are not revising them or studying them on your own after the classes. Then there is no use in such learning, online classes can only help you when you do the self-study. So take out time i.e; an hour or two every day for your self-study session during which you will revise, read and practice everything you learned in the online classes.  

Use The Technology Correctly: Don’t just watch course videos and attend online classes, get familiar with other features and resources available. Download the resources like e-books, and course videos offline so that you can learn without the internet, and stay connected with the teachers who teach online to ask about queries and opportunities.

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