3 Reasons Why OEM Parts Are the Best Choice for Your Car

Who doesn’t want to upgrade or retain the performance of their cars? This is a crucial part of the lifetime of any vehicle you purchase. If you wish to upgrade or are simply in need of a replacement, there are only two things you can do. Either you buy an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part, like OEM toyota parts, from a reputed dealership. Or, you go around various independent car shops and vendors and search for the parts.

The problem with this is that you can end up with secondary aftermarket parts. Although these may seem like a cheaper alternative, you might want to go for the original equipment. Here’s why.

1.   Quality Assurance

The primary reason you should always choose original parts for your car is the assured quality. When you choose genuine parts, like OEM toyota parts, you replace the parts of your car with the same product. Therefore, there is no doubt about the performance and lifespan of the product.

On the other hand, the quality is never guaranteed with an aftermarket part. You may or may not be lucky to get parts that match the quality of the OEM parts. When it involves something as valuable as your precious car, it is not advisable to take such chances. What’s worse is that you could unknowingly get an unauthorised copy installed in your car, as the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries warns.

2.   Perfect Fit and Safety

The problem with aftermarket parts is that companies manufacture these for use on various car models. Their mass production is why these parts are readily available at low prices. As a result, you may not be capable of getting them installed in your cars without some modifications. This could also later be the cause of some safety hazards.

Contrary to this, a terrific reason to get OEM parts is that they guarantee a perfect fit and adhere to all the necessary safety regulations. If you ever face an accident and need to get repairs, you should, therefore, always go for original car parts.

3.   Warranty of the Vehicle and the Parts

OEM car parts also ensure a warranty from the brand manufacturer. For instance, genuine toyota parts come with a 1-year warranty and unlimited mileage warranty. This stays valid whether you get the parts installed at a dealership or somewhere else, as long as the parts are authentic. This is a huge mark of quality that you just cannot find anywhere else.

On top of that, you also can retain the vehicle’s warranty. Adding parts that are not genuine OEM products impacts the car warranty directly and, in some cases, can completely void it. It also lowers the resale value of your automobile significantly.

Summing up

It is possible to get aftermarket or counterfeit car parts at a lower price, while genuine OEM parts have a higher upfront cost. However, in the long run, getting OEM parts is an investment that will give you a better return on investment. The genuine parts ensure better safety, fit, and quality, but it also retains the warranty and resale value of the stylishster .

So, the next time you require to get a replacement part or any repairs done, always seek genuine OEM parts for the vehicle model.

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